PET monofilament yarn is a polyester monofilament with high quality and strength for technical purpose. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is very stable for impact of low and high temperatures, chemical agents, UV radiation. PET is also characterized with low moisture absorption and high sizing stability.

PET, type C is defined by high proportion of crystals, high thermostable rate, hardness and sizing stability. It is used for manufacturing of industrial grids, brushes, zippers, conveyer belts.

PET, type F is high-elastic and strong polyester monofilament. It is used for manufacturing of different types of grid, hardwire goods, ropes, conveyer belts, rubber technical goods etc.

PET, type H is polyester monofilament with increased resistance for hydrolytic degradation. Provides high strength and crystallinity volume, resistance for splitting. It is used in aggressive environment.