• Testing multipurpose machine «Autograph» model AGS-1kNX Shimadzu (Japan) for definition of breaking tenacity and elongation at break of monofilament.
  • Weight humidity meter МОС – 120Н Shimadzu (Japan) for mass and moisture content in solid and granular materials.
  • Machine for auto-lock of the zipper, КС – 1336, for control of target operation time of the zipper.
  • Drying cabinet Т-340 for definition of thermostable qualities of the zipper.
  • Air drying cabinet (Japan) for definition of linear shrinkage of monofilament in air environment.
  • Tank with heating element (Japan) for definition of linear shrinkage of monofilament during boiling.
  • Tensile testing machine, type 1101 «Zwick» (Germany) for definition of tensile strength and elongation at break of synthetic textured yarns.
  • Tensile testing machine, type +1141 «Zwick» (Germany) for definition of physical and chemical parameters of the zipper, integrity of bead weld of leather accessories, tensile strength of attaching point of handles and shoulder straps.
  • Tensile testing machine «Strograph-R3» (Germany) for definition of slider integrity.
  • Twist testing machine КU 212 (Germany) for definition of twists quantity on 1 meter and twists direction of textile yarns and spun yarns.
  • Yarn winder U280В (Germany) for definition of linear density of synthetic textured yarns.
  • Device «Linitest» for definition of color resistance after painting.
  • Contour projector «Mitutoyo» (Japan) for control of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.
  • Electronic scales d-0,0001g (Ukraine) for definition of mass fraction of non-cut granules and granules with impurity inclusion of polyethylene terephthalate, linear density of synthetic textured yarns.
  • Thickness gauge for precise measurement «Frank» and magnifying glass «Leitz Wetzlar» (Germany).