Our company manufactures spiral (woven) zippers – type T40, T60, T80 and plastic (molded) zippers – type L7.

 The type is determined by the width of zipper’s closed teeth: type T40 = 4 mm, type T60 = 6 mm, type T80 = 8 mm etc. Zippers with closed teeth and 4 mm width are used for the products made of very light materials with texture up to 200 g/m2 (knitted goods, children and sport apparels, dresses, fancy goods, sling back pumps). Zippers with closed teeth 6 mm width are used for sewn products and shoes with texture from 200 up to 400 g/m2. The ones with closed teeth 8 mm width are used for products made of the materials with texture from 400 to 600 g/m2.

The main distinctive features of our spiral zippers comparing with low-cost ones are:

1. High quality tape of our own production.

2. Usage of weaving method to connect the tape and polyester monofilament yarn. Due to this technology zipper is able to hold more considerable pressure compared to sewn spiral zippers.

 You could decrease the risks by using high-quality products only. Keep your stability and reputation considering every important detail and using reliable zippers.

Use high-quality zippers only!

 We offer finished zippers, as well as continuous chain and sliders with different pullers to fit, tape for trouser trimming and polyester monofilament yarn of various sizes. We have our own garment manufacture and casthouse production.