We produce zippers
We produce zippers
We produce zippers
Main products
Woven zipper, T6 S type, the most popular type due to flexibility in use.
Woven zipper, T4 S type, mostly used in women apparel, pockets, trousers, cushions, children wear, etc.
Woven zipper, T8 S type, of multi-functional purpose, when extra strength is required.
Plastic (molded) zipper, with teeth of special shape to provide smooth running of the slider and modern look.
Plastic (molded) zipper, when extra strength and modern look are required.
About us

The only company in Ukraine with a full production cycle of zippers of various types, compositions and levels of difficulty.
Our company produces woven zippers, following the technology and using the equipment of a German company, Coats (Opti), which ensures quickness and flexibility in the implementation of ordinary and unconventional orders.

About us
About us
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