The accessory, which conquered the world
The accessory, which conquered the world

Perhaps, we never think about how some things make life easier for us. The zipper has conquered the world a long time ago, we use it in different sectors and the production of a wide range of goods, such as:

  • Garment (outwear, workwear, trousers, skirts, dresses etc.)
  • Footwear
  • Mattresses, bed linen, furniture
  • Bags, backpacks, suitcases, covers
  • Tents, sleeping bags
  • Element of décor

It is impossible to imagine the garment industry without zippers. Nowadays, you can purchase zippers from local and foreign suppliers, in different types and colors.

The history of invention

It took a long time before the zipper appeared as it looks now.

In 1851, the inventor of the sewing machine, Elias Howe, had created the metallic zipper, which looked much different from modern analogue. The zipper, in the shape of a chain with hooks and holes, which were supposed to join with one another, was too inconvenient; therefore, nobody was interested in this invention.

The next inventor is Whitcomb L. Judson. It is he, who has got the patent for the creation of so-called “shoe zipper”, and this happened on Nov 7, 1891. His friend had saved the little girl from the fire, by jumping out of the window and hurt his back. It was difficult for him to bend and tie up the shoelaces. Judson was trying to help him out with zipper, but his invention was also too difficult to use and unpopular.

Gideon Sundback was the only one, who had improved the invention, making the prototype of the modern zipper. The patent was issued on Apr 29, 1913.

Variety of zipper types

From the moment of creation, zippers were made using different technologies, of many types and variations, multiple kinds of raw materials; however, the functioning guideline was always the same.

The main types are:

  • Coil (spiral). Teeth are made in the shape of a coil, which is attached to the tape in different ways. There are sewn and woven zippers. Sewn: the coil is attached to the tape by cord thread. Woven: the coil is attached to the tape while tape weaving. Coil zippers are the most popular and common type. It can be used in the garment, footwear, mattresses, bags, covers, tents etc. The best way of purchase is from the zipper manufacturers, as they can fulfil any standard and non-conventional orders.
  • Invisible. It is a light version of the coil zipper because almost hidden in the garment and only the slider can be noticed. Mostly used for trousers, skirts, dresses, etc.
  • Plastic (molded). It is made by injection of melted material, which transforms into the teeth on the tape. Teeth can have various shapes. This zipper has a modern and sporty look and is mostly used in outwear, workwear, backpacks, covers, etc.
  • Metal. Teeth, made from different kinds of metals, are clutched on the tape. This zipper has very high strength characteristics. Its weight and sensibility of metals to the chemical influence can be considered as main disadvantages. That is why it is not suitable for light fabric and mainly used for leather and denim goods. Also, it is widely used as a décor element.

Zipper continuous chain should be mentioned too. It is used in the production of goods when the zipper length can be different each time and is not known in advance. Sliders are purchased separately.

Zipper structure

Let’s take a look at the zipper elements.

“Molniya” zippers

Our manufacturing company “Molniya” offers a wide range of zippers, and, as a factory, we can fulfill any non-conventional order — specific type, length or color (with the possibility of the color match according to your fabric sample). You can choose the following zipper types from our range:

● Coil (woven) zipper:

Invisible zipper P3

● Plastic zipper:

● Coil (sewn) zipper:

Zipper continuous chain

And what is more — sliders, trimming tape, monofilament yarn, special zipper types (water-repellent, with stitch line, with marking points, wide tape, extra density of tape, no tape ends, left-handed).

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